9 Yantra Ring, Auspicious Symbol and Personalized Nakshatra Jewelry, Health and Protection Talisman, Buddist Spiritual Gift

Yantra means “vehicle” or “machine” in Sanskrit language. Yantras are used together with their respective mantras in a ritual called tantra. Thanks to this ritual, you can use your energy to attract the things you desire into your life by silencing the noises in your mind.

Your 9 Yantra ring is specially designed for you. There is the sign and auspicious symbol of your nakshatra (constellation / birthstar) on it. The ring contains your name and surname written in it. A letter is also sent along with all the mantras for you to use if you wish.

The yantras to be found on your ring are:

1. SRI YANTRA – For abundance and prosperity

2.KLEEM YANTRA – Love, affection, to be popular in the circles you enter

3. DURGA YANTRA – To be protected from negative energies

4. GAYATRI YANTRA – For strength and peace

5. MAHAMRUTYINJAYA YANTRA – For health and longevity

6.GANESHA YANTRA – To overcome obstacles

7.LOTUS SYMBOL – For spiritual growth and good fortune

8.NAKSHATRA Sign – will be determined by your Birth Chart

9.AUSPICIOUS Symbol – Auspicious symbol for your specific Nakshatra

Important Notes:

1. When giving the ring size, please pay attention that the ring size is of 7-8 mm thick.

2. Please enter your exact birth

information so that we can determine your Nakshatra.

3. Readily we offer the rings in sterling silver or gold Coating on sterling silver. If you would like to have a gold ring please contact us to get a quotation.


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