Kala Bhairava Pendant, Bhairava Necklace

Lord Bhairava is venerated as a manifestation of Lord Shiva Himself and is associated with destruction or annihilation. Revered by Hindus and Jains, He is worshipped widely in India and Nepal with great fervor and devotion. Bhairava represents 64 forms grouped under 8 categories called Astanga Bhairavas controlling the 8 directions of the manifest world. The Bhairavas are controlled by Kala Bhairava, the Supreme ruler of time of The Universe. Bhairava is considered the protector of the timid and weak especially women and His Idols are installed in most Hindu Temples.

According to The Shiva Mahapuranam, Kala Bhairava emanated from the fingernail of Lord Shiva, which he directed toward Lord Brahma to cut off one of His heads when Brahma began to interfere in what Shiva was doing. Thus, the skull of  Lord Brahma is depicted as being held in the hands of Kala Bhairava who destroyed Brahma’s ego and enlightened Him.  Lord Shiva as Kala Bhairava is said to guard the Shaktipeethas with each Shaktipeetha temple accompanied by a temple dedicated to Bhairava. Also known as Bhairavar or Vairavar in Tamil, He is often portrayed as a village guardian (Grama
Devata) whose power extends in eight directions (ettu tikku).

🛐Benefits of Worshipping
Worshiping Kala Bhairava dispels darkness from our lives and subdues our enemies. He protects His devotees from greed, lust, and anger and helps them overcome addictions of all kinds. Devotees can get relief from suffering and sins by performing Kala Bhairava homa on auspicious days. Also, invoking His blessings before embarking on journeys ensures safe travel. Managing our time properly is said to please Him immensely and he endows those who utilize their time constructively to effectively make use of all the opportunities that come their way.


As the Archetype of Time, Kala Bhairava is the God who rules matters related to time, time management, condensing time, living in the moment, and right timing.

Invoke Kala Bhairava if You Wish to:

⏺Quicken your manifestations of deeply desire goals
⏺Use time more efficiently
⏺Develop divine timing so you are making positive things happen without wasting any time
⏺Enlist a powerful protector to work on your behalf
⏺Dissolve unwanted karma, as karma is only created when you’re not living in the now
⏺Stop procrastinating

ℹ Details:

Necklace length: 48.5cm / 19.1 Inches

Pendant height: 28mm / 1.1 Inches

Pendant width: 35mm / 1.1 Inches

Pendant Weight: 9.3gr


**Avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, water, and other chemicals.

**Please remove before:

❌Exercising, at the gym, or playing contact sports
❌Having a Shower
❌Swimming, hot tubs, or saunas
❌Very hot places (such as when lying out at the beach or pool)

** Store separately, in a cool, air-tied dry place.


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