Lord Shiva Necklace, Gold Plated Trishul Pendant, Trident Symbol Charm, Trishula with Damaru

⏺ Made of 925 Sterling Silver

⏺ Finish Color: Sterling Silver, Gold Plated

⏺ Dimensions: 40 x 20 mm

⏺ Weight: 8.8 gr

Trishul, the Trident, is one of the most popular symbols associated with Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. In the usual interpretation, it is a weapon used by Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga for the restoration of Dharma. But the Trishul has a deeper symbolic meaning.

Trishul is always held by Lord Shiva or it is depicted as rooted on the ground near Shiva. The trident is also part of the iconography of Goddess Durga killing the demon Mahisha – the Mahishasura Mardana. The Goddess is depicted as killing the demon with the Trishul.

The Trishul symbolizes the balance of the three forces of preservation, creation, and destruction.

There are also two other interpretations of the Trishul symbol.
One is that it represents the three aspects of consciousness – cognition, conation, and affection.

Another is that it represents the three Gunas or Prakriti – Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas.

The name “Trishul” ultimately derives from the Sanskrit word त्रिशूल (triśūla), from त्रि (trí), meaning “three”, and शूल (śū́la), meaning “a sharp iron pin or stake”, referring in this case to the weapon’s three prongs.

The three points have various meanings and significance, and, common to Hinduism, have many stories behind them. They are commonly said to represent various trinities—creation, maintenance, and destruction; past, present, and future; body, mind, and atman; dharma or dhamma (law and order), bliss/mutual enjoyment and emanation/created bodies; compassion, joy and love; spiritual, psychic and relative; happiness, comfort, and boredom; pride, repute, and egotism; clarity, knowledge, and wisdom; heaven, mind and earth; soul, fire and earth; soul, passion and embodied-soul; logic, passion and faith; prayer, manifestation and sublime; insight, serenity, and bodhisattvahood or arhatship (anti-conceit); practice, understanding and wisdom; death, ascension and resurrection; creation, order and destruction; the three gunas: satva, rajas and tamas.

Some people have spoken of the trident as a destructive weapon, but it is not so in the case of the trident held by Lord Shiva. With the presence of the three main devtaas, the Trishool is the destructor of the physical world which drags mankind away from the spiritual connection. It represents holiness and good deeds and is said to remove the troubles of the past, present, and future. The Trishool formed in the human body represents the 3 energy sources namely ida( इड़ा), pingla(पिंगला) and sushumna(सुषुम्ना). Sushumna, the 7th chakra, is in the centre and known as the main centre of energy. When the energy reaches this chakra, the external happenings do not have any negative effect on the human body. The two other parts ida and pingla are Shiv and Shakti on the basis of their properties.
So basically the Trishool is a symbol of auspiciousness and it helps in giving a positive outlook to the mind helping us to lead a blissful life without the fear of birth, life, and death.


❌Avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, water, and other chemicals.

**Please remove before:

❌Exercising, at the gym, or playing contact sports
❌Having a Shower
❌Swimming, hot tubs, or saunas
❌Very hot places (such as when lying out at the beach or pool)

❌Store separately, in a cool, air-tied dry place.


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